Some of the paintings shown here are in my inventory, others are sold.   Do you have a unique idea you would like to discuss?   Commissions are available.

Paintings of 4” x 6” - 5" x 7" $300;     8" x 10"  $400      

Paintings 4" x 6" - 5" x 7" are presented in an acrylic-like boxed frame for protection and/or hanging.

Paintings 16” x 20” to  21 "x 17"    prices given upon request  

Client Kudos 

Re:  A painting of flowers

"These are beautiful.  I had an artist friend tell me once that I could learn to draw well.  That might be true but I think real artists, like you, see the world differently and in new mind shifting ways and that is what it means to be an artist."  --Jane Eller