Patty Lyons

"Susan and I have known one another for almost 65 years. (Yikes!)  She is the classic example of the saying ‘She’s not getting older, she’s getting better.’ And better, and better, and better!!!  Susan’s art beckons to you and draws you into the joy of the image she has created."  

Naomi Broida

“I always look forward to Suki’s creations. They are so fresh, bright, playful, and skillfully done! I’m the proud owner of several of her pieces and enjoy them every day!”        

Marsha Rose

 If you do not have a Suki original, you definitely must treat yourself and purchase one!  Susan is extremely talented, quite versatile in her creations. Being fortunate to own a few of her treasures I enjoy looking at her painting of a vintage  purse, different shoes and fruit.  She is going to create a painting of our home, we we are very excited about it!
“Cruising on the Rheine” is one of my favorites.  One actually feels as though they are there.  
 Her private Facebook group, “Suki’s Happy Art for Amazing People” is delightful. Different paintings are displayed along with insightful discussions.  Acquiring Susan’s art will truly be a wonderful way to start the New Year!        

Kate L.  

Re:  A painting of baby booties
  "The detail here is amazing...!!"    

Sue Nichols Mize

Re: a painting of pansies:
"Love this.  Love the color and the softness."     
Re:  a painting of a house
"So lovely.  I want to live there."
Re:  a painting of an iris
"If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a Vincent Van Gogh."       
Brenda Bartella Sims Peterson.JPG

Brenda Sims Bartella Peterson

Re:  a painting of baby booties
"Love, love, love!"